Sunday, April 25, 2010

Namarina's annual performance

Yeiyy, another Namarina performance! this is just annual performance, so nothing special during preparation until the day.. I'm just feeling excited everytime I'm going to have a performance (and I think every dancer does ;)

For this year, Namarina took title Impian Kartini for Ballet performance, and Dare to Dance for jazz ballet. Impian Kartini tells about Kartini's dream about Indonesian women. The act started with story about Friends of Kartini, which danced by first group class, and ended with act of Modern Indonesian Women. My class danced that last act..

And for jazz ballet, we have our own story. It's like 'High School Musical'. 2 Leading roles, one is A new girl in school who's trying to mingle with students and take a dance audition, versus a popular girl who also take dance audition, and so on..* you know the end of that story,hehe! In this performance, my classs dance as a cheerleader squad, and I was being one of popular girl's best friend, hahahah! I maybe already have 'graduated' with cheerleader thingy since I was one of it in high school (old memories),hohohoo..

It's fun, as always.. I enjoyed it all, the costumes, the make up, the stage, and of course the dance,hehe! plus my beloved ones watched me: my mom, ulay, shitta, and nabir. Thanks for watching, guys :))

Here's some of pictures taken by ulay :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


happy 5 monthversarry, twin :)

yes,yes.. it looks like a 5 years old girl creation..I know I'm not good at drawing, but I always enjoy play with colors,hahaha!

happy puzzling ;)btw, this plain puzzle I bought in Taiwan and I think this is a very creative item for present! haha


hidup gw..
baru benar-benar tenang..
kalo gw udah dinyatakan sarjana..


(baru saja memutuskan mengganti topik dan tema, 2 bulan sebelum batas pengumpulan terakhir.meninggal)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


totally the worst best friend ever..
how can I admit as a best friend, if I forget my best friend's birthday.hikkss..

so sorry, my dear Shitta Apsari
happy belated birthday :)
Wish you have great years ahead and Allah bless you..