Thursday, April 22, 2010


happy 5 monthversarry, twin :)

yes,yes.. it looks like a 5 years old girl creation..I know I'm not good at drawing, but I always enjoy play with colors,hahaha!

happy puzzling ;)btw, this plain puzzle I bought in Taiwan and I think this is a very creative item for present! haha

3 komentar:

Unknown said...

yeiy! it's a nice gift twin. thank you!! sorry i didn't gave you anything (yet).. hehehehehe..

Intan Alasdair said...

aww sorry this is late but congrats!!! :) this is the CUTEST and most thoughtful gift EVAR! :D im envious haha. i wish Hasbi would give me something he made himself now... :p

aLiy said...

thank youuu :) I think Hasbi will make you something more than a puzzle,hoho!