Saturday, May 31, 2008

listen this

i add imeem on my blog..actually because ulay add a song in his blog, i also want mine..heehehe! we are "twin"..this is twin behaviour..if one has something nice, the twin want it also..basically, it happen when we are kids (me and atia, not me and ulay)..
anywaaay,the song is better in time..i know it's about heart break etc..don't get happy quickly,fans *BAH*..i like this song just because i like the music,not because the lyrics represent my feeling now..I also like the video theory : how nice the song is, if it has bad video clip, i won't like it..huehehe!


2 komentar:

Unknown said...

jah.padahal gw berharap ada yang nanyain "eh. jago bet.gimana si caranya pasang lagu?" aahahahaha...

Anonymous said...

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